Talent Acquisition From Industry Leader

Complex problems — and worthy opportunities — often require collaboration with experienced partners. Laksan offers high-value services built on a foundation of expertise and partnership.

Our Company

Laksan Technologies is a dynamic and rapidly growing company that specializes in IT solutions offering various services such as custom software development, staff

augmentation and corporate IT training solutions.
Since our founding in 2012, Laksan Technologies has been helping our clients achieve their business objectives by carefully listening to their needs and intelligently working with them to deliver fast, measurable results.
Laksan Technologies focuses on helping businesses cut back expenses with reliable consulting. Laksan Technologies’ primary objective is to help companies maximize their IT resources and meet the ever-changing IT needs and challenges.

Why Us

Flexibility and Agility

We offer flexible and mix model staffing, which has become very critical in a continually evolving, hybrid work environment.

Hiring for Right Talent

We cater to increasing demand for a wide variety of Technology focused roles across all verticals


Our recruitment specialists are results driven and are adept at understanding and addressing all your staffing needs.

Our Staffing Solutions

Temporary, Contract, Flexible Staffing:

When you need skilled employees NOW, temporary staffing solutions are a smart way for employers to onboard employees quickly, without making long term commitments! We work on W2, 1099 contracts and take care of all the hassles like payroll, taxes, time tracking, and workers comp insurance. Each candidate of ours is well screened and referenced for our client's satisfaction.

Temp to Perm Hires:

You need to fill a role but before that you want to be very sure that it's the right fit. No problem at all, we provide temp-to-hire resources who can work for you on a short-term contract. If everything goes well, they can be hired as a full-time resource.

Full-time employees:

We provide the best possible talent for your full-time hiring needs without leaving your pockets empty! Our Recruitment specialists will do the best negotiation for you.

Our Recruitment Process

Thorough  Candidate Profiling – to identify the skills, experience and personal qualities most important to hiring success!

Targeted Sourcing – We find the right candidate from the best source, be it a professional networking site like LinkedIn or through our competent resources & connections.

Technical Skill Assessment Services– We perform a comprehensive screening of shortlisted candidates by our expert team of tech professionals. We also use the best technical skill screening software to thoroughly validate the candidate’s technical competence.

Professional Soft Skill Assessment – to find you the best resource to fit your business culture.

Market Guidance – to make sure you do not pay more than the market requires!

Candidate Screening Process

initial candidate screening

Our recruitment specialists have a detailed discussion with the candidates on their education, skill sets, experience to find out if they are a good match for the role

Work authorization
reference checks

Next, a comprehensive check is performed on their work authorization documents along with reference checks


We now move on to technical/soft skills screening by our technical experts (via video call) to further validate candidate genuinity & attitude. We also utilize technical skill screening softwares services as and when required


Once the candidate is selected by the Client, we conduct a detailed background verification using a third party service. We can customize these checks based on our Client needs


Last, but not the least. We offer a 2 weeks’ Performance guarantee period to our Clients to be fully satisfied with the candidate!

We will get you the best talent to suit your needs and add value to your company's growth & culture.

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