System Architecture & Infrastructure Planning

Each member of the core implementation and consulting team brings decades of experience in software architecture, requirements analysis, architecture design, user experience design, development, performance engineering, capacity sizing, and business application system deployment. We have successfully built and deployed web, mobile, desktop and enterprise applications for use in multiple geographic zones and millions of users. Architecture analysis, performance testing, design guidelines, capacity sizing, and more help you create a solid system foundation. It makes business sense to take technology architecture and align it with the business architecture. This allows for rapid adaptation to changes and efficient response to client needs.

Complex front and back office applications often require significant investments in new system and infrastructure software. Improper infrastructure planning can lead to application performance and availability issues and may require risky changes after the system is operational. In many cases, organizations do not appreciate the time and resources required to design and deploy complex infrastructure solutions. As a result, schedules are delayed and operational problems are more likely to occur.

Design and build the highly available server, network, and software infrastructure required to support business-critical and highly integrated applications. IT operations can be a costly business function, and many companies do not have the time, money, or expertise to process internally. In today's highly competitive environment, companies need to be able to focus on developing and executing business strategies and never get stuck in managing day-to-day IT operations issues.