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Corporate IT Training

With a proactive approach we can find the right candidate with the desired skill and experience.But sometimes even a highly skilled person may not be aware of the latest technolgies or use them when needed.Change is a must for anything to flourish.Changes occur i each and very aspect of life and that is a part of life .So to keep us in par with others we need to be able to use the latest software technologies ina fruitful way. Any person who could not accept changes will be left out.For example when a new software emerges ,the older ones become useless.To face the future and present bravely, companies opt for  corporal Training.

We at laksan Technologies  provide a comprehensive portfolio of training solutions to help your business achieve and sustain a competitive edge. Our training  solutions helps  to unleash the true hidden potential of employees.Our internationally qualified training team has extensive experience of designing and delivering business and skills .We have cent percent result oriented training sessions and high quality learning solutions. We help you achieve measureable business success by specializing in recruiting, developing, and deploying high-quality IT professionals to businesses in different sectors. We carefully match the trainer to your requirements on the ‘best fit’ principle.Laksan technologies make use of state-of-the-art-technology and is a good competitor in the IT field.Every organisation takes a chance for Corporate training of their employees as it offers many advantages than the traditional from of training.Few to mention here:

  • Solution of recurrent problems of company’s business development.
  • Effective use of individual  potential of a company.
  • Maximal disclosing of available reserves and finding new possibilities.
  • Resolving many issues that crop up inside and outside the company through innovative solutions.

The workshops conducted by Laksan Technologies remain solution focussed and include a wide  range of training methodologies such as role plays, group exercises, individual activities, videos, case studies, facilitation, discussions, etc.All the faculty members are learned experienced people who teach in a fun and innovative way.

Online Courses provide technical training in diverse technologies and are easily accessible via internet.So the trainees  have the option of accessing them anywhere  they want, at any  time through internet without wasting their time.While travelling or at home or at work anywhere it is possible and this one feature makes online corporal training sessions stand apart from others.
Our courses are highly interactive awith a lot of homeworks and self solving techniques which makes the trainees to learn from the scratch and in depth.Many other skill assessments along with a search feature makes them more appealing.Simulations involving Flash and audio and video with  step by step procedure makes them a fun to learn.

 We have a wide options of training methods from which the client can choose the best suitable.We give online training,In -house training and corporate training to clients that help them become successful business persons.

Blended Learning Solutions
Laksan Technologies provides client-oriented training options  in different forms and delivery methods.Organizations can choose their convenient method taking all the factors into consideration.Each and every training method is modified to meet individual learning styles and specific needs.

Online LIVE Learning
Virtual classrooms or Online LIVE learning provide a fantastic opportunity for any organisation that wants to get more training done more cheaply, particularly when participants are widely dispersed. Many of the skills of the classroom trainer can be transferred without difficulty to an online setting due to highly interactive sessions.Active participation in discussions and simultaneous viewing of documents related to the topic,application sharing  ease the trainee to understand the concept more quickly.The major advantage of this that you can learn from where you are without  without having to leave the office which makes one among the best solution.

The Idea of Mentored Leaning through Online

Mentored learning is one among the effective learning method that promote a student's mental ability to recollect and retain information.Mentor learning provides self-paced reading material, practical assignments combined with communications like trainee-to-trainer email, email among themselves, real-time classroom chat, discussion boards, and bulletin boards.The participants  learn themselves at their own pace using the study materials provided along with a mentor support through out the process.
 Course Materials: Trainees would spend time reading through course materials and understanding its content. This would mean reading through the lessons and taking mock quizzes to prepare themselves for an actual examination. Just like traditional studying, trainees choose to use a CD-ROM or use the online version to understand the material.The four major key points to this solution are:

Assignments: Throughout the course, trainees work on assignments and store them on their machine and servers.
Fellow trainees: Throughout the course, trainees would work with other trainees. They can communicate via email, chat, forums, or discussion groups to complete group assignments.
Mentoring: This means that trainees would be mentored or guided by a course instructor or expert. This is done by email exchange, discussion groups, and marking.

Again mentored learning has three types of which the trainee can choose his own.

Email exchange: Trainees and trainers can be linked via emails. This is a quick and twenty-four hour means to keep in touch. Trainees could mail queries, and instructors can often respond within seconds.
Discussion groups: In discussion groups, participants take stand on specific topics that hold importance to their course. The instructors must comment as well as support and guide the students.
Marking: Instructors have to mark assignments very closely and electronically. Moreover, they must add comments so that trainees would know where there work needs improvement.

Mentored learning online offers the correct equilibrium between self-paced courses and classroom-based courses. It offers participants a tailored and modified learning experience and allows them to learn at their own particular speed and at their level and convenience. Moreover the training schedule is flexible that makes a perfect  balance of  personal and professional life allowing for greater concentration during training. The result is a truly learner-centric training solution that meets the needs of a multitude of students with varying skill levels and learning preferences while providing the tools and resources necessary to ensure proper skill development and knowledge transfer.

Classroom learning
As the foundation of our Integrated Learning methodology, the classroom experience has become a more enriching, dynamic and valuable learning method for students. Classroom learning students have their own networked environments, which enable instructors to manage hands-on lab demonstrations and exercises that mirror the professional environment. Additionally, Classroom Learning has been enhanced to include Web-based resources, such as tutorials and simulations, during and after class.
On-Site Training
Onsite training is  becoming more familiar due to  the prevalence of computers and the wide use of Technology via Internet.Organisations can choose a single course for a small group or an extensive course for a large number of people.Here the advantage is that you get many people trained for a flat fee.Onsite training is a hassle free solution for the organisation as the employees  get trained in their workplace or any other familiar place nerby  and so they feel confident and convenient.Learning from a familiar place certainly has a huge impact  on individual grasping power.Though we may overlook this issue,studies have revealed so.Apart from this,Onsite training offers many advantages out of which cost factor forms the first and foremost.Instead of paying for several employees to get them trained somewhere, we can have it under your supervision.Also employees take less absence as they do understand that the organisation is taking this huge step for their betterment which leads to organisational growth.Students can interact with the trainer  as well as among themselves,have healthy discussions etc.The time schedule entirely lies with the organisation and so both the trainer and the students can compromise to successfully complete the training.

Professional Services Offerings  in Training 

Custom Content Development:

Often companies have more training needs than the standard features offered by the training course.Laksan Technologies can provide customized content offerings for both synchronous and asynchronous learning types to meet your specific needs.

synchronous relates to two people doing the same thing at a time.Synchronous online classes  need students and instructors to be online at the same time that is fixed according to both the sides convenience. Lectures, discussions, and presentations occur at a specific hour which is prenotified. All students must be online at that specific hour in order to participate or else they won't be able to catch up the finished topics.
Asynchronous classes are just the opposite. Instructors provide materials, lectures, tests, and assignments that can be accessed at any time. Students may be given a timeframe  which usually varies  usually a one week window – during which they need to connect at least once or twice. But overall, students are free to contribute whenever they choose.

Competency Assessments:
The success of any learning system depends  on how well the students understand the concepts,respond and implement their ideas practically for individual as well as the organisational growth.Any form of training should have an assessment or grade system to find out this.Also grading or assessing helps every person to assess themself ,understand their own skills and stay motivated.When a person self evaluates he realises his own  strengths and weaknesses and strive hard to reach greater heights.
Therefore it becomes essential to  have an assessment in some form.
At laksan Technologies ,we understand this very well and have formulated many competency assessment methods.Our competency based assessments go a step further to understand the individual and organizational fit to make correct hiring decisions, the starting point of the employee’s life-cycle in the organization.