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Laksan,you'll enjoy being you! You are respected for what you are!.At LAKSANS we let you have your own creative,space and freedom gives you achieve more than what you aim for.Your  innovative  ideas are highly appreciated and implemented if find the best and practical.Your Knowledge and skills count very much in contributing to teams that works out quality solutions to clients in realizing their future.Getting to top position  is difficult as everyone say,but retaining that position becomes much more difficult .We accept this reality and work hard to meet our client's expectations as much as we can.It is through our continued high quality,value added,cost effective consulting services to clients that make them stick to us and refrain from going to others.We  offer the employees the best competitive salary with other benefits like progresssive benefits program,immediate opportunities for responsibility  and growth and other medical benefits.

Employees and Customers forms the pillars of support for an organisation to grow.Both rely on each other.Employees,when rewarded on time with suitable appraisals gets motivated and in return they strive hard for the company to achieve their milestones.We work to create an environment that encourages people to be innovative,challenging in a fun way.We see to that our employees are happy professionally  and contented.We always make them feel that they are wanted!

From our employees, we expect:

  • Desire to deliver on commitments made to clients
  • Extensive experience and/or training
  • Eligibility and eagerness to learn new technology, processes and languages
  • Integrity and Pride in providing quality services to clients

To our employees, we offer:

  • Competitive salaries, reviewed regularly
  • Comprehensive benefits including life, health and dental insurance
  • Annual vacations plus earned sabbatical leave
  • Industry Leading Benefits and Training
  • H-1 Sponsorship, if qualified

· Employee Referral Program - Laksans' existing employees refer most of Laksans new hires.

Laksan Technologies  pays a $500 referral fee to employees that refer new employees when the new employee completes 90 days of service with Laksans.

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